EliPuli | World Water Day 2020
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Free Personalised Tamil Picture Book

In observation of World Water Day 2020

In observation of World Water Day 2020 we are customising our Meng Was Thirsty story using your child’s name as the main character. We’ll personalise a bilingual Tamil picture e-book for them and hope this story will help them empathise with the plight of all living beings around us who share the same needs as us for water. Our children hold the power to unlock a better future for everyone, one idea at a time.

Write to us with the following information to create your own free story for a child you love. You are welcome to make this a gift for friends, family and students too!


  • Email to [email protected]
  • Put “Water Day Story” as the subject
  • Provide the child’s name spelt in English
  • Provide the child’s name spelt in Tamil
  • Gender of your child
  • Indicate your relationship to the child (parent/teacher/relative/friend)


We’ll send you back a PDF story customised to the child’s name within a week!


Gift the joy of reading today!