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Eli Puli TLF Coloring Festival 2019

As part of Eli Puli’s Tamil Language Month festivities, we present to you our inaugural coloring festival! The festival is open to everyone – any age, any ability level and you need no knowledge of Tamil! All you need is an interest to color along with a streak of child-like fun!


We would like to thank artist Niloufer Wadia (click to view portfolio) for providing us with this beautiful coloring sheet. She made it entirely on her own time and interest and we are grateful for her generosity. The second we took one look at it, we knew we had to get it out to as many people as possible for them to enjoy and what better way for that then an open coloring festival!


Download and print a couple of copies. Sit as a family to color, or join a group of friends to make it a playdate! Don’t forget to sing-along to your familiar nursery rhymes while you’re at it. For our Tamil-speaking participants, we’ve also translated the rhymes that are featured in this coloring sheet into Tamil! So you can now sing-along bilingually 🙂 For our non-Tamil speaking friends, we’ve included some simple, common words and phrases that will help you better interact in Tamil!


Remember, this isn’t a competition. Your toddlers can splish-splosh with paint or scribble with crayons, older children and adults can choose any medium of their choice! If you prefer using a coloring app, you are most welcome to do that too! Anything goes in the spirit of art and we will be showcasing ALL entries that come in as part of the festival!


So what do you need to do?

– Click here to download the Coloring Sheet for the EliPuli TLF Coloring Festival 2019

– Print it out, pull out your art supplies and have a relaxing time!

– People of all ages, art abilities and tongues are welcome to participate! You can even do it together as one family or as a group of friends/colleagues.

– Take a picture of the artwork/scan and send it to us at JPGs are preferred!

– Make the subject “EP TLF Coloring Fest 2019”

– Don’t forget to tell us your/your child’s name, age and which country you’re from – so we can include that in our post when it goes up!

The deadline is April 28 2019

– Teachers / schools are welcome to submit their students’ work too


Every entry will go up on our site and will be shared joyously on our social media channels. From the submissions we receive, we will also be drawing random lots (our resident toddler will be blindfolded, spun around 3 times, made to recite the alphabet song and then will put his hand into a bag) and pull out 10 names who will get a special gift from us! Please do note that due to the cost of shipping, the random draw will only include participants from Singapore.


So go forth, print and color! We cant wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

Eli Puli Community Coloring Event

On 13 April 2019, a coloring wall was set up at Pasir Ris Public Library and it was collectively colored in by a good 100 kids. Another 160 mini coloring sheets were taken back by children to showcase their own individual artistic talents!


It was a truly lovely day to watch kids and parents sit and bond in leisure over coloring. Some took an hour to meticulously fill in their sheets, others wanted to take it home to finish up. Some parents spent a longer time coloring than their kids 😄


Overall, mission accomplished – we got the word out about Tamil Language Month to so many of our non-Tamil speaking friends and we’re glad the festive season helped them come together as a family! See, that’s the beauty of language! ♥️


Thank you to the parents who came by to chat with us about Eli Puli’s work, you were so very encouraging with your words! Thank you to the NLB team, Vidhya Rajagopalan and Eunice Anthony who helped set the event up. And thank you again to artist Niloufer Wadia who was the reason the TLF coloring festival was born!