EliPuli | TLF Coloring Festival 2019
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Eli Puli Community Coloring Event

On 13 April 2019, a coloring wall was set up at Pasir Ris Public Library and it was collectively colored in by a good 100 kids. Another 160 mini coloring sheets were taken back by children to showcase their own individual artistic talents!


It was a truly lovely day to watch kids and parents sit and bond in leisure over coloring. Some took an hour to meticulously fill in their sheets, others wanted to take it home to finish up. Some parents spent a longer time coloring than their kids 😄


Overall, mission accomplished – we got the word out about Tamil Language Month to so many of our non-Tamil speaking friends and we’re glad the festive season helped them come together as a family! See, that’s the beauty of language! ♥️


Thank you to the parents who came by to chat with us about Eli Puli’s work, you were so very encouraging with your words! Thank you to the NLB team, Vidhya Rajagopalan and Eunice Anthony who helped set the event up. And thank you again to artist Niloufer Wadia who was the reason the TLF coloring festival was born!