EliPuli | Tamil Language Festival 2019
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EliPuli’s Tamil Language Month Celebrations 2019

This year, we’ll be using Nursery Rhymes as the overarching theme for our festivities and we hope you find our rhyme-themed worksheets and activities to be both fun and useful! We’ll also be featuring a TON of interviews with Tamil picture book illustrators, authors, translators, publishers, educators, Arts organisations as well as commercial players to ask them about the state of Tamil readership and audienceship and what the future holds for children’s Tamil.


An Illustrator Design Challenge will be running on Instagram where 21 professional artists and illustrators will be featuring their re-imagined designs of the alphabets that make the word தமிழ். We’ve extended this challenge as a competition to our kutties under the age of 10! And kids also get to try their hand (or voice) at a special story challenge. We also have an open nursery rhymes coloring festival for EVERYONE regardless of age, ability or tongue!


Speaking of nursery rhymes, The Peruchali Press (TPP) has challenged itself to come up with as many new nursery rhymes as it can during the period of the Tamil Language Festival – don’t forget to check those out too! In addition, there will also be a very special nursery rhyme themed, comic book style story coming up by TPP and illustrated by our ever-favorite Anastasiya Ivanova. We’ll be having a busy time here at EliPuli, check out the calendar and posters below so you don’t miss anything!


Pssst… Did we mention that there’ll also be a crazy number of giveaways and prizes to be won? If you’ve been wondering how to get your hands on Tamil storybooks by Tulika and Pratham, well… You’re at the right place! Keep your eyes peeled this month of April and don’t forget to participate! We look forward to having you on board!


Click on the posters below to get more details about each event