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Pratham Books StoryWeaver has launched its 2019 edition of its annual storytelling contest – Retell, Remix and Rejoice!

And YOU are invited to join with your best TAMIL story!


Every year, on World Storytelling Day (March 20), StoryWeaver invites participants to submit stories that retell or rehash the content from their site. What in the world does that mean? StoryWeaver is a digital repository of children’s storybooks across many languages. The stories themselves as well as the text and the images that they are made of are each licensed under the Creative Commons – which allows for content to be mixed up, reused differently or edited in order to create something new or in the case of this challenge – to create NEW stories for children! So you could take the existing sequence of images from a story and retell it as a whole new story OR you could use your own original story as a basis and use the images from the repository to put it together as a picture storybook! Doesn’t that tickle your creative bone?


The platform itself is both simple and intuitive to use. And if you have any trouble, there is a guide and video to show you how to go about creating your entry! Also, your story doesn’t have to be long and wordy. In fact, StoryWeaver asks that you try to tell your story with as few words as possible instead.


This year the contest has a special focus on regional languages – which includes Tamil! The StoryWeaver team reached out to EliPuli to help spread the message as they’d love to have entries from Singapore AND in Tamil! If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the lack of original writing in children’s Tamil picture books, or have had a burning desire to tell the world about a funny story that your own children/students love – stop waiting – this is the perfect chance for you to make it happen!


As an added incentive, EliPuli will be featuring ALL entries from Singapore up on our website, regardless of whether your entry wins at the contest. EliPuli definitely wants more stories to be created from Singapore and your submissions will delight children and adults who visit our website AS WELL AS thousands of readers of the StoryWeaver platform itself! So don’t miss this opportunity to have your story showcased – we’re waiting to celebrate your creativity 😀 And encourage your friends and colleagues to give the challenge a shot! (Participants to be 18 years or older)


Click here to get all the details about the contest! Entries close May 10!


Need some inspiration? Check out these rehashed stories from the StoryWeaver website!