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EliPuli | Vegetable Chart
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Vegetable Chart

Allow us to start your day off with a ear worm – கத்திரிக்கா.. கத்திரிக்கா.. குண்டு கத்திரிக்கா!


If you don’t know that song, then we’re going to give you the stink eye. It’s a classic for the 90s kids, check it out here : Kathirikkai Song from the movie Duet


Okay, now that we’ve gotten that off our chest, isn’t this vegetable poster cute! We don’t guarantee your picky eaters are going to start gobbling up their veges but wouldn’t it be adorable when they say “no அம்மா, no முட்டைக்கோசு, it’s yucky”. Awww… my child said முட்டைக்கோசு…. NOW EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!


The chart has 19 colorful vegetables and we hope your child finds at least one that they think is appealing enough to want to put in their mouth before spitting out. Even if they don’t, focus on the positives, you never thought they’d know கூனைப்பூ or பச்சைப் பூக்கோசு before this. (Bet you didn’t either!) Try taking the printout with you on trips to the supermarket. Get them to hold it and see if they can identify the vegetables you’re picking out from the chart. It’ll help them feel super important and give you an easy chance to reinforce the learning too. Nothing like holding (squishing) a tomato in your hands to help you remember how fun and gooey a தக்காளி can be. Remember, children use all their senses to learn so use that to  your advantage too!


Remember to share it with your friends so they can derive the joy of having their children tell them NO in Tamil. 😀


Click here to download the Eli Puli Vegetable Chart