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EliPuli | Thirukural #100 – Infographic
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Thirukural #100 – Infographic

This is a project that we started working on almost 6 months ago and is really close to our heart. The திருக்குறள் is a foundational part of Tamil literature and it is commonly part of the Tamil syllabus around the world too. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to understand and hard to remember. And rarely do we consider it enough to make it a basic part of our lives.


More often than not, kids memorize, regurgitate then promptly forget after their exams because they don’t see the value these குறள்-s can offer them beyond the test paper. And we don’t blame them. Teachers are too overloaded and stressed out to be able to sit and think of creative ways to make the திருக்குறள் exciting (or at least interesting) when there are SO MANY other things to cover on the syllabus. And when something feels dry, kids are going to run from it like the plague.


So we’ve tried our best to give the குறள்-s a visual makeover and really hope you like it and find it easy to understand. We just want to say that these are our own interpretations of the kural, based on what we think kids would find relatable. Illustrator Lilya Konyukh has given the infographic her magic touch with the cute illustrations. 🙂


We’re mulling over whether to do a series based on the குறள்-s taught at the Primary 5, 6 and secondary school levels – so it truly would be helpful if you gave us your child’s feedback if they found this to be useful! Something else we’re working on are comic-book style stories that also illustrate what each குறள் means. That’ll take more time to be ready though… but exciting huh?


The file has 3 pages. Page 1 explores the குறள்‘s meaning in Tamil. Page 2 is the English infographic and Page 3 is the Tamil infographic. Enjoy!


Click here to download the Infographics for Thirukural #100


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