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EliPuli | Rhyme-Themed Doodle Color-and-Find
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Rhyme-Themed Doodle Color-and-Find

Presenting to you a Nursery Rhyme-themed find-and-color activity! Kindly created for Eli Puli by the creative mind behind Jegan’s Art & Animation Workshop, artist-animator Jegannath Ramanujam, (click to check out his work) you and your kids are bound to have a wonderful time coloring in this one – while also discovering 16 nursery rhymes from both Tamil and English! Thank you, Jegan, for the adorable art! Have a look at the video below to see his art process – doesn’t he make it look so simple? Were your kids able to follow along?





Jegan’s Art & Animation Workshop is an initiative he founded to fulfill his passion towards teaching and educating students about art and animation. Through his workshops he hopes to enhance people’s knowledge of art and in turn create stronger awareness that art is for everyone and really, anyone can be an artist if they put their heart into it. He aims to build a bridge between art and animation so that more people can experience the joy of seeing their drawings come to life through animation. Get in touch with him if you’d like to learn more 🙂



Don’t wait – download this activity sheet and hand it over to your little one. We hope they’ll be singing away to their favorite rhymes and together, you’ll discover some new ones too.



Happy coloring!



Click here to download Eli Puli’s Nursery Rhyme Themed Doodle Sheet






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