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EliPuli | Pongal Color-Like-Me!
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Pongal Color-Like-Me!

Can your child color-like-me? What do we mean? We’re asking if they can look at a picture and recreate it!


We’re not trying to distract from the wonderful experience that free-form art provides, but this activity will help children focus and hone hand-eye coordination too!


As we near Pongal, author-illustrator Ranjani Krishnaswamy of the brand Noseytrunk has provided us with one of the characters from her book, The Golden Mango, for kids to try out this activity.  Watch closely for what the color is in the picture and then color it in in the black and white sketch!


Noseytrunk brings Asian mythology to children in a fun and accessible manner. You can take a look at their books by clicking hereThe stories are presented in a manner that focus on values such as kindness, sharing and keeping promises. And the stories are written in rhyme!


Do send us pictures if you tried out the activity, we’d love to see their handywork!


Click here to download the Pongal Color-Like-Me Activity