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EliPuli | Pongal Doodle Color-and-Find
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Pongal Doodle Color-and-Find

AHHHH!! This is sooooooo cuteeeee and so much fun!


Presenting to you a Pongal-themed find-and-color activity! Created by the super talented Vibha Surya (click to check out her work), you and your kids are bound to have a roaring good time with this one! I mean, just look at that coconut, isn’t he adorable? It was a joy working with Vibha. All we did was give her a list of items and TA DAA she came up with this in a jiffy! We cant wait to work with her on more projects *_*


Don’t wait – download this activity sheet and hand it over to your little one. By Pongal (January 15) we bet they’ll name all these items on their own! Pass it on to your friends too. They don’t need to be able to speak Tamil (the words are bilingual) and it might give them some insight into some of the key things we use and celebrate as part of the harvest festival!


Happy coloring!


Click here to download Eli Puli’s Pongal Doodle Find-and-Color Activity Sheet


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