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EliPuli | Play Doh Mats – Number Practise
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Play Doh Mats – Number Practise

Have some hands-on fun learning about numbers!


Print, slot them into clear plastic folders (or laminate), put out a tub of playdoh and have your little ones give this a go!


They can manipulate the play doh to trace over the number shape, roll out the corresponding number of balls to place into the dots and if they really want to challenge their fine motor skills, they can try to roll out the play doh to trace over the words too! Alternately, use a dry erase pen or washable marker for them to practice writing over the words.


Every number comes with the corresponding number of animals. We hope they enjoy this activity, we’re yet to meet a child who isn’t fascinated with play doh! Great relaxation for the parents too 🙂 Tell us what you think!


Click here to download the Number Playdoh Mats


Fine Motor, Writing Practice