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EliPuli | Knock Knock – Yaar Ange? Who’s There?
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Knock Knock – Yaar Ange? Who’s There?

We couldn’t stop playing this game with our toddler, it was truly oodles of fun!


Cut out the windows, stick them on like flaps over the animals and the game is ready to play. We promise the setup time is only 5 minutes.


Then you can follow the given directions or come up with your own rules of play! The idea behind the game is to teach children their basic directions – மேலே கீழே வலது இடது or up, down, right and left. As they follow the directions, they get to open the flaps to discover which animal lives there (and so they get to learn some animal names too!)


After the first round, we got our toddler to give us the instructions instead and he thoroughly enjoyed making us go in circles around the play mat (but reserved the privilege of opening the flaps to himself haha). It’s a very simple game, give it a go and let us know if you liked it!


Click here to download our Knock Knock Game