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EliPuli | ஜிமிக்கு ஜமக்கு
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ஜிமிக்கு ஜமக்கு

Gosh… sooooooo exciting! Peruchali Press presents our very first mini-story… ஜிமிக்கு ஜமக்கு!

A tongue-twister, sing-and-dance along!  You can read the story HERE on Storyweaver or the download link for the file is at the bottom!


We were browsing through Storyweaver for a new read when we came across author Yamini Vijayan‘s ‘Satya, Watch Out!‘ published by © Pratham Books in 2017. Immediate love for the illustrations by Vishnu M Nair and a sudden inspiration to take some of those images and rehash them into a rhyming Tamil tongue-twister! ஜிமிக்கு ஜமக்கு is all about the different ways we can move our bodies (inspired by nature) and is filled with silly sounds for little ones (and you) to enjoy! If you could read it slowly the first time, keep upping the speed each round until your jaw falls to the floor! Heheheh…




We’re grateful as always to Storyweaver and Pratham books for setting up the SW platform and making such amazing content available under the Creative Commons license. It certainly got our creative juices flowing and hopefully we get to do some sing-along sessions with little ones to get their jaws and limbs twisting along to the text!


We’d like to take this opportunity to share that the above quirky image of the rabbit in space from our story hashes together TWO of Vishnu’s illustrations into one: the Rabbit Boy is from ‘Satya, Watch Out!’ whereas the rest of the background is from an illustration made for the story ‘ गप्पू गोला ‘ authored by Jitendra Bhatiya and published by Pratham Books on SW in 2018. Isn’t Creative Commons amazing?


Please do tell us if you had fun with the tongue-twister! Happy grooving!


Click here to download Jimikku Jamakku