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EliPuli | Deepavali Coloring Sheets
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Deepavali Coloring Sheets

Happy Deepavali 2019!


We are so superduperuper excited to show you these coloring sheets made by the fabulous Nancy Raj!


We asked her ever so meekly if she would have some time to draw us some kutty doodles to help kids see the various things they’d do on deepavali day. Not only did she readily say yes, she then decided to completely blow us away with a full set of awesome coloring pages! Just take a quick scroll through – from the early morning excitement on Deepavali day to the mandatory oil bath, lighting of vilakkus, getting blessings from our elders, prancing around in new clothes and of course (MOST IMPORTANTLY) – SNACKING on all things yummy for our tummy! Nancy has covered all ground and these pages with all their glorious little details will keep your kiddos happily busy while you take a much needed nap from all those munchies you had 😀


Thank you Nancy for being so generous and thoughtful with your art, we love you! Many kutties are going to be delighted to color these sheets in! And some of us big ones too! You can check out more of Nancy’s work by clicking here.


Click here to download Nancy Raj’s Deepavali Coloring Pages!