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EliPuli | Build-A-Story Game
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Build-A-Story Game

A greedy racoon, an adventurous little girl, a forest made of candy, a campfire with animals, a water monster who loves doughnuts…. your imagination must be running wild by now! What in the world is the story behind these images? The best way to find out is to…. ask your child!


நீ ஒரு கதை சொல்லு! or our Build-A-Story Game is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon immersed in a world of imagination where anything is possible. Cut along the dotted lines and pass on the images to your little one. They can arrange the images in any order that they like (there’s no right or wrong) and then ask them to tell you the story! Older kids could use this as a writing exercise, toddlers can stick to telling you the stories within each image. All you have to do is be attentive, encouraging and force yourself to hold back from asking any logical questions – let this be an exercise in silliness and play!


For kids who may be having trouble narrating their stories, we’ve provided some buzzwords on the second page. If they’ve told you the story in one language, ask them to now try and say the same in the other, using the buzzwords to help them if needed. For the younger kutties, we hope the buzzwords will help them pick up some vocabulary, reinforced by what they see in the images!


We would love to feature their stories up on the site, so please do email them to us! Don’t forget to share this game with your friends!


Also take the time to check out illustrator Lilya Konyukh’s page – she was very kind to license usage of these illustrations for us to use in our game. If you like these images, you will certainly enjoy getting lost in her world of art!


Click here to download our Build-A-Story Game