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EliPuli | Animal Trivia & Coloring Pages
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Animal Trivia & Coloring Pages

We need to make a confession – we love coloring. 😐 Probably even more than the kids in the house. So printable A4 coloring pages were one of the first ideas that we wanted to implement and we’re really happy to have worked with illustrator Kent (of Cantankerous Panda) on our first series of six animals (and birds).


We’re smitten with his style and hope your little ones (or you… we know you want to… we won’t tell…) have some much needed color therapy with his animal outlines! Don’t limit yourselves to just one medium – play around with finger painting, use different kinds of brushes, dot markers, crayons and don’t feel like you have to stay within the lines too. Remember, this is a free printable. You can keep trying as many times as you want! A pink glitter கடற்குதிரை (seahorse)? Pokka-dotted கொம்பன் திமிங்கலம் (narwhal)? Rainbow எறும்புண்ணி (anteater)? Go for it! Why not?


If you’d like to use this as an opportunity to also learn more about these animals, don’t fear, we have you covered. Each animal comes with a set of 5 bilingual trivia. Simple things that will help you better appreciate the beauty and wonder of these creatures. We’ve also included the names of the animals in big letters so kutties who are learning to write could try giving finger/pencil tracing a go too.


Don’t forget to send us your creations – we’re going to build an animal collage for everyone to see and admire! Please give us your feedback and help spread the joy to your friends too.  🙂


Click here to download our Animal Coloring Pages with Trivia