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Pongal Coloring Mela 2019

What is a coloring mela, you ask?


Well, we created a lovely Pongal coloring page from our bilingual Mongal Stole Pongal storybook (available for FREE download from Pongal day onwards!) and wanted children to give it their best shot. But we didn’t want it to be a competition. Whether your 3 year old gives it a good dash of brown squiggles or your ten year old paints it with all the colors of the rainbow, we wanted to celebrate the spirit of art and creativity and encourage little ones to have a ton of fun along the way! Our goal is to showcase ALL their artwork and in the process have kids learn a thing or two about the harvest festival (or ASK a question or two!)


So what do you need to do?

– Click here to download the Mongal Pongal Coloring Page

– Print it out, hand it to your child and walk away (No peeking! Let them do whatever they want with it – it is THEIR creation!)

– Children under the ages of 10 are welcome to participate!

– Take a picture of their artwork and send it to us at JPGs are preferred!

– Make the subject “Pongal Coloring Mela”

– Don’t forget to tell us your child’s name, age and which country you’re from – so we can include that in our post when it goes up!

The deadline is January 14 2019, 12pm (Singapore time)

– Admire your child’s work!

– Teachers / schools are welcome to submit their students’ work too


Every entry will go up on our site and will be shared joyously on our social media channels on Pongal day, January 15 2019. From the submissions we receive, we will also be drawing random lots (our resident toddler will be blindfolded, spun around 3 times, made to recite the alphabet song and then will put his hand into a bag) and pull out 3 names who will get a special gift from us! Please do note that due to the cost of shipping, the random draw will only include participants from Singapore this year. We definitely plan to open it up across the world next time round!


So go forth, print and color! We cant wait to see what your kiddos come up with! 🙂