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The Peruchali Press

The Peruchali Press (PP) is a sister initiative of Eli Puli. While Eli Puli looks at creating hands-on Tamil/bilingual resources and play tools for kids, Peruchali Press focuses entirely on literature. The PP is all about bringing children on fun, silly and memorable reading adventures using the Tamil language. Click on ‘Free Stories’ in our drop-down menu to read some of our tales!

Some of the projects we’re working on at this time include stories and comics based on the Athichudi and Thirukural, poems  based on the uyir aezhuthukal, reimagining nursery rhymes into contemporary narratives, printable interactive stories as well as traditional story books (and ebooks).

So… why Peruchali?

Peruchali (which means Bandicoot) is a term of endearment that we use around here in our home for our two kids. Ever curious, ever moving, they’re always fiddling and exploring even the most inconvenient of crevices.

This whole initiative was inspired by a desire to grow a love for Tamil in our adorable peruchalis (and yours) – so we named it after them too!