EliPuli | Children’s Day Crocy-tale
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Free Personalised Tamil Picture Book

In celebration of Children’s Day 2019

In celebration of Children’s Day 2019 we’ve started an initiative to personalise a Tamil picture book using your child’s name as the main character. Just imagine, a story about them!


This is a sweet tale about a crocodile’s first independent swim. Your child is sure to be enthralled by the beautiful illustrations and simple repetitive text. We’ve personalised more than 300 stories so far!


A bilingual glossary is provided at the back too.

Write to us with the following information to create your own free story for a child you love. You are welcome to make this a gift for friends, family and students too!


  • Email to HelloEliPuli@gmail.com
  • Provide the child’s name spelt in English
  • Provide the child’s name spelt in Tamil
  • Gender of your child
  • Indicate your relationship to the child (parent/teacher/relative/friend)


We’ll send you back an 18 page PDF story customised to the child’s name within a week!


Gift the joy of reading today!