EliPuli | Our Story
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Our Love for Language

EliPuli (எலிபுலி) is an initiative by a parent with a strong passion for language and design.


Tamil is a beautiful, versatile language with a rich history far older than English. Somehow though, the resources that are out there lack spark or spunk as compared to its English counterparts, making Tamil less exciting to learn for little ones. Here at EliPuli, we love our mother tongue and want to help our children fall in love with the language at an early age. We hope our creations will make our youngest readers enthusiastic about learning the Tamil language. And we certainly hope that will help, in its own small way, inspire the next generation in keeping our mother tongue alive.

Our dream is to create resources that make Tamil learning (and teaching) simple, fun, immersive and even a little mischievous! And to do this, we want to create material that is bilingual. Rather than choosing one language over another or looking at each language in isolation, we believe each language can help the learning of the other and make us better versed with both as a result. Armed with the versatility to think and create in two languages, your child will unlock a whole new world of imagination, and intelligence.

EliPuli is a tongue-in-cheek term to represent play, mischief, fantasy and simplicity. We hope for everything we create to embody these values. This is a brand created by a parent, born from a deep understanding of how important yet difficult child-play can be. And how the right tools can make the job easier and far more enjoyable.

We have so many ideas – from basic alphabet prints that introduce the letters and words, to more preschool teaching resources, printables, cards, charts and a string of fun games. What we intend to hold common across these materials is high quality, beautiful, captivating design. Young children are visual learners. The more inviting the illustrations, the more they will be fascinated and curious to dive deep into this rabbit hole.

EliPuli – Dream. Play. Discover – Bilingual Adventures !