EliPuli | Nool Monsters
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Nool Monsters

Nool Monsters is the publishing wing of EliPuli. It was previously known as The Peruchali Press.


Nool (நூல்) means book in Tamil.


While EliPuli looks at creating free hands-on Tamil/bilingual resources for kids, Nool Monsters focuses entirely on literature and literacy play tools. It is our deep interest to write stories that incorporate elements of Tamil and Tamil literature. We’d love to expand appreciation of the language and widen its audience beyond only those who speak it. It is also important for us to champion representation of Tamil children in mainstream stories. Click on ‘Free Stories’ in our drop-down menu to read some of our tales!

So… why Nool Monsters?

We thought about what we wanted our stories to do… And decided that nothing could be more fulfilling than turning little children into book devouring monsters! Imagine an entire generation that fuels itself with the power of imagination and storytelling. Wouldn’t that be amazing? That’s what Nool Monsters has set out to achieve. RAAAWRR!

The Nool Monsters Club is in the works and we hope it will be a fairytale land for our little book monsters, complete with badges and reading levels.

The Nool Monsters logo was patiently designed by the fabulous Vasu Anathakrishnan. A peek-a-boo monster lost in the magic escaping from the pages of a great story. That’s what we’re all about – magic, curiosity, and oodles-doodles of FUN!