EliPuli | 2019 Entries
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A true celebration of art and little minds! You will enjoy the creativity and ingenuity of the children who have given life to the characters on the sheet. Each one is unique and special in its own way – we applaud ALL OF THEM for having given this their best!


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Adharsh – 10 – Oman
Adarsh has put in a lot of effort to make his coloring neat and tidy. The cow is especially lovely and Mongal’s yellow ears are so cute!

Ksheeraja – 6 – India
We love the neon colors for a truly bright picture that celebrates the sun! That’s what Pongal is all about 

Arjun – 3 – Singapore
Well done, Arjun! We’re so happy to see you have fun with so many colors and crayons!

Arya – 10 – USA
That’s a very cool looking cow arya, so many colors! The lady reminds us of Princess Leia from Star Wars!

Bharath – 5 – Oman
Bharath has used light and gentle colors for his pictures, the pastle hues are lovely!

Chezhian – 7 – Singapore
We love black and pink Mongal and you’ve done a fantastic job of coloring in the whole picture! And STICKERS too!

Chuvanika – 6 – Singapore
You’ve done a neat and tidy job, Chuvanika! Mongal looks so happy to be green!

Dharani – 7 – Singapore
RAINBOW COW! Really stands out, Dharani! We also love the blue flowers you gave the lady for her hair 

Sarwina – 8 – India
Excellent job at color mixing, Sarwina! What a beautiful effect you’e given, Mongal! We could have never imagined him this lovely! Such a pretty saree too!

Dharanya – 7 – Singapore
Excellent job, Dharanya! You have been very pattient and passionate with your coloring and the rainbow is such a beautiful touch in the background!

Imran Zahir – 5 – Singapore
Well done, Imran! We can see you had a lot of fun with your color pencils and we like how you assigned each character a color!

Farah Hidayah – 6 – Singapore
Wow Farah, a glittery Mongal! How super creative of you  We can see that you really had a good time coloring in your picture!

Iba – 6 – Singapore
Love the contrast between the neon saree (how cool is that?) and the dark shades of color on the cow!

Karthik – 3 – SG
Karthik’s festive colors! Did you know green and red are considered auspicious in many Asian cultures?

Kathrina Roshni – 6 – India
Great job in coloing in the whole picture, Roshni! The orange veshti and kurta are an especially lovely festive touch!

Khush – 5 – Oman
Neon green Mongal looks like a lot of fun, Khush? What’s his secret, has he started eating lots of green vegetables? 

Lakshana – 7 – Singapore
Good job with the coloring, Lakshana! You’ve given the cow a beautiful, detailed shawl. It’s wonderful!

Mahijit – 6 – Oman
Is your favorite color purple Mahijit? Cause it’s ours too! We’re so curious to eat purple sugarcanes! Will it make our tongues purple too?

Mansi Michele – 7 – Singapore
We love how you’ve used the colors in your picture, Mansi! Mongal reminds us of a soft and fluffy bunny!

Mayura – 1 – Singapore
Good try, Mayura! We’re glad to see you had fun with the paint and you did well with mixing up the colors 

Meshach – 7 – Singapore
You really had fun with this, Meshach! And we love looking at it! Black and pink Mongal stands out of the crowd, it’s a great color combination!

Methra – 2 – Singapore
Good try, Methra! We love seeing really little ones experimenting with crayons and getting a hold of their fine motor skills. You’ll be a coloring ace in no time!

Mohana – 3 – Singapore
Mohana and her mom had a wonderful timebonding as they worked on the coloring together! The outcome is just as lovely!

Muthu Mukhilesh – 7 – Singapore
Peek-a-boo, i see you! 2 little kittens and a heart, peeping out from the black and green sugar canes! Very creative!

Reitvik – 7 – Singapore
Wow, Reitvik! Does Mongal’s have super powers to blast out rays like the sun? His yellow eyes are so cool!

Nirav – 5 – Oman
YAY an ORANGE Mongal and he has lim green hands AND a moustache! We love how you’ve reimagined him, Nirav!

Pramaan – 7 – India
How observant, Pramaan! Cows, veshtis and dhotis do indeed come mostly in whites. And this red Mongal looks strikingly similar to the real one! Well done!

Pranav – 5 – India
Wonderful coloring, Pranav! And we’re so happy to see a black cow! They are quite rare to see these days, thank you for bringing him to life!

Narayanan – 9 – Singapore
You’re making us sing “Mongal the red-nosed monster, had a very shiny noseee” 

Shrikha – 6 – Singapore
Good job in coloring in the whole picture, Shrikha! You’ve given little details like red lips, hair bands and ovely flowers to the lady and cow. How thoughtful!

Srikrishna – 4 – Singapore
Good job, Srikrishna! We especially like green Mongal, he reminds us of a grassy plain like the one in the story!

Vaidhyav – 3 – Singapore
Good try with paint, Vaidhyav! We can see you had a alot of fun splishing and sploshing away with a brush! You’ll be a painting ace in no time!

Vaishnavi – 7 – Singapore
Lovely background, Vaishnavi! It reminds us of the fields and grains that we celebrate for Pongal. And that cow looks outstanding! What a creative design!

Vennila – 3 – Australia
Vennila, your Mongal has the cutest eyes ever! How could anyone get angry with a monster as cute as this!

Vikash – 7 – Oman
You’ve really looked at the details, Vikash and put in such a wonderful effort for the cow! It looks so beautiful with it’s rainbow coat and decorative head gear!

Yazhini – 5 – Singapore
Thank you for giving us a purple Mongal, Yazhini! He reminds us of a yummy juicy blueberry! We just want to give hima big hug!

Nehah Jessy – 9 – India
That sun looks simply perfect, Nehah! We love the little details like bindhis and red lips. Can you tell us more about what is resting on the cow’s back? Is it a pongal gift for Mongal?

Aksheetha – 6 – India
Thank you for the clouds, Aksheetha! Such a nice touch to this image. And kudos for you for giving the cow rainbow HORNS! We’d have never gotten that idea, how clever! You’ve paid so much attention to little details 

Aadhya – 4 – Oman
Excellent coloring, Aadhya! We love Mongal’s blue eyes, they remind us of the sea!

Charita – 5 – Oman
Wow Charita! Look at Mongal’s rainbow colored face! That is a very creative idea and you’ve done a great job coloring in the whole picture!

Nalina – 4 – Singapore
Well done, Nalina! We really like your lavendar colored Mongal and dad’s outfit looks nice and bright!

Taaresh – 5 – Singapore
Taaresh! You’ve made Mongal look just like Magneto with his awesome helmet! (Did you know he’s a very powerful comic book superhero?) It is O-K to take a break when you’re creating art, you can color in the rest any time you have more inspiration and it makes you feel happy!

Saadhithya – 7 – Oman
Great job coloring Saadhithya! We love the colors you’ve chosen for Mongal and amma’s saree, very creative designs!

Sriraghav – 7 – Oman
Hello sunshine! From stealing the sun Mongal looks like he could be the sun here, he’s so beautiful and bright! We love all the colors you’ve used and the great care you’ve taken with your art!

Aysha – 6 – Oman

Well done, Aysha! We can see that blue is one of your favorite colors and it suits Mongal so well!

Aideh – 7 – Oman
You’ve done a really sweet job with your coloring, Aideh, how neat and tidy! The cow really stands out in it’s tradtional shawl 

Shreya – 10 – Oman
You’ve done such a neat job at coloring, Shreya! We love all the colors that you’ve chosen so carefully for each and every character!