EliPuli | Mongal Stole Pongal
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Mongal is a GRUMPY monster.


He hates color, he hates happy sounds and especially hates it bright and sunny. With the harvest festival around the corner, he steals the sun and locks it away in a mountain cave.




What will happen when there is no more sun? 

Will Mongal learn his lesson and make amends?

This rhyming, printable picture book will delight kids of all ages. It will help them understand the significance behind Pongal and the important role that the sun plays in our lives. It will also help them see that food isn’t made in supermarkets but is made from what nature gives us!

Mongal Stole Pongal or மொங்கல் சுட்ட பொங்கல் is the first children’s book publishing effort by Nool Monsters. We hope our story reaches as many children as possible, regardless of whether they may celebrate the harvest festival at home. After all, we all depend on the sun and who doesn’t like a bumbling monster?

In order to make this possible, we’ve released the story for free under a Creative Commons license. This allows you to share the ebook in whatever format is most accessible to your target audience. You are also welcome to rehash the content for your teaching and outreach needs, we only ask that you credit the original content. In fact, if you’d like more supporting material for this story, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

The e-book is available in several formats and platforms for download.
We’ve also created a mini trivia book that talks about the Pongal celebrations, how to make Pongal (did you know it’s also the name of the sweet made on that day?), about the sun and where food comes from. You can check it out here:


– Trivia for Mongal Stole Pongal