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EliPuli’s FREE Tamil HBL Survival Tools

If you’re wondering how to survive 6 more weeks of HBL, EliPuli is going to try and make things more bearable for you – at least for Tamil!





These are some of the resources that are up on the EliPuli website:







EliPuli also customizes stories using the child’s name. This has been effective in getting children interested to read, because they are the heroes of the story!



As our children work on their own HBL based on their school syllabus, we will also be rolling out resources to supplement those themes. Are there resources you need based on what your school is asking you to do for HBL? Tell us so we can see how to help!





Plan for 5-10 minute blocks of learning, followed by 10-20 minutes of free play for your child based on the ideas you’ve introduced. This way, kids are better focused during your time with them and you won’t feel like HBL is taking over your workday. Find ways to repeat the lesson/idea several times so it gets imprinted in their minds. Just verbally repeating new words and phrases across the day will have a good impact on making lessons stick. Also, try to teach bilingually, it is far more efficient. Introduce words in both languages and improve teaching (and learning) efficiency.






Is your child a visual learner? Opt for art and craft. 




Are they an auditory learner? Opt for songs, rhymes or read-alongs.


EliPuli has a growing collection of songs and stories on YouTube with each line on a separate page along with detailed illustrations. This can form part of your child’s daily screentime. The stories and rhymes can be downloaded and printed as PDFs if you’d like to have a physical copy of the text and pictures in hand.






Are they tactile learners? Let them get up close to things around the house or create sensory bins. 





All of these options allow you to introduce your child to a topic which will then lead to (hopefully) some independent play/activity time. You don’t need a grand setup. Use whatever you have in hand and pair it with your imagination. This is an example of how you can use anything to do letter or word tracing with your child.



Make day to day interactions playful. If you’re having dosai for dinner, sing Dosai Amma Dosai while you’re at it. If you’re having a sweet snack or are going to brush your teeth, sing Mittai Mama and laugh about it!



Being stuck at home means kids crave physical activity. Learning a new word? Bend your bodies to draw the letters of the word, do a starjump or do a 100m dash for every letter. Is your school learning about community helpers (quite a few are at the moment) – allow them to pretend/act as one and find ways to save the day. Remind them to stay in character and act along too! Go on imaginary field trips from room to room, and see what you can find. These are all excellent ways to use and teach language while keeping the “learning” aspect under the radar. Or pick high-action songs that let you move and groove as you sing them!






Have fun with HBL and you’ll see the days whizz by! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to buzz EliPuli. We’re here to help!

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