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Authors, Illustrators & Enablers

EliPuli was started with the dream of creating Tamil language (as well as bilingual) resources that are beautiful to the eye and stimulating to the mind. As such, it was our goal from the start to seek out and collaborate with passionate children’s illustrators and designers who would be able to create visual treats for our youngest readers (and their caregivers).


We are both grateful and proud to be working with the below artists and hope to collaborate with many new professional children’s illustrators in time to come. We would also like to give  thanks to our enablers who use their personal time to read, vet and provide thoughtful feedback on our content so that what we create is truly useful and delightful for our readers.


A big thank you also to our parents who have volunteered their time to provide valuable feedback about how our works-in-progress can be improved and be made more relatable to their little ones. Your love, support and encouragement means everything to us!

Abhi Krish
Author & Founder

EliPuli (and Nool Monsters) are initiatives born out of Abhi's desire to create new, fun and quirky resources in Tamil to keep her English-loving toddler engaged. Her passion for language was the driving factor behind wanting these initiatives to be bilingual so both languages (Tamil and English) could be learnt and enjoyed at the same time. Abhi has a background in design, app-dev, project and arts management, which coupled with her general fascination for kidlit illustrators, has been instrumental in getting these initiatives started. She takes care of all aspects of EliPuli and NM, from generating ideas, to authoring, seeking out collaborators and feedback, as well as managing the projects to bring them to fruition. Abhi, EliPuli and Nool Monsters are all based in Singapore.

Joanne Tay
Creative Consultant

A champion of the arts and in every true sense an arts enabler, Joanne's vast experience in arts management spreads across almost every facet of the field. EliPuli is grateful for Joanne's dedicated involvement in our branding, content and artistic development. Having flagged off our efforts from the start, her analysis has always been thorough and she's our go-to person whenever we're in doubt. We're glad we can rely on her for an honest, critical eye. She ensures we set our standards high and keeps us moving ever forward. Joanne is based in Singapore.

Thaxsha Mark
Tamil Editor

As much as EliPuli enjoys creating activities, stories, and rhymes in Tamil, we do need help in making sure our grammar and spelling are in line. Cue our encouraging editor - Thaxsha! She's been so very patient in reading all our material and has helped see us through our entire nursery rhymes marathon too (that's 25 rhymes!) When we asked Thaxsha about her own interest in Tamil, she shared with us that her grandfather was a Tamil teacher in Jaffna, SriLanka and inspired her to develop good interest in Tamil from childhood. She started reading writer Kalki's historic novels such as Ponniyin Selvan, Sivagamiyin Sabatham, and Parthiban Kanavu and had a good collection of Tamil books to rely on at home too. In fact, her own interest in Tamil led to her 3 year old daughter speaking very fluently in Tamil. So Thaxsha is a true god send for EliPuli's endeavors and we're really grateful we're able to work with her to ensure whatever we do meets the mark!

Anastasiya Ivanova
Children's Illustrator

Anastasiya was EliPuli's first collaborator and is the mastermind behind the iconic characters and illustrations that bring the EliPuli website to life. Every work she's created for us is filled with warmth and a touch of softness that will bring joy to many readers. It is no surprise that she's a practicing child psychologist and her art embodies sensitivity towards what works best for young readers. We at EliPuli are grateful to have found such a special friend in her and hope to keep collaborating for more new works to come. Anastasiya is based in the UK. Click the icon below to view more of her work.

Vasudevan Ananthakrishnan
Illustrator | Animator | Cartoonist

When we need something done at the speed of light yet really well, we call on Vasu and rely on his neverending flow of patience to get us through the storm. Our uber-fun Nool Monsters logo was designed by Vasu on a tight timeline and he delivered without breaking a sweat. Vasu is also collaborating on picture books, GIF books, and other cool secret Nool Monsters products that will be rolled out in due time. We are ever grateful that Vasu is a strong pillar of support when it comes to discussing new projects and in general all the crazy ideas we come up with here. Vasu is the co-founder of Artagasm, creating quirky art mech and customized design solutions. Vasu is based in India. Click on the icons below to view more of his work.

Vibha Surya
Visual Artist & Children's Illustrator

Cuteness overload. That's got to be our favorite term to describe Vibha's work and this artist works at lightning speeds to get things done - at perfection! Just check out our Pongal doodle coloring sheet and you'll know exactly what we mean. We're really excited that we got to work on a bigger project with her - our PP picture book on StoryWeaver titled 'Meng Was Thirsty'. From joy to sadness, thoughtful remembrance to agony, Vibha's really captured a range of emotions in her art and this has helped tell the tale all the more brilliantly. Really, without Vibha, there would be no Meng. We're so grateful that she's brought to life a character we hope many children will come to adore. Vibha is based in India/London. Click on the icon below to view more of her work.

Lilya Konyukh
Children's Illustrator

Lilya's iconic art style is simply heart melting. We are grateful for her creative eye that helps take our every project to the next level and she is ever patient in her endeavors with us. We are always looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with her and several projects will soon be available for download. Lilya is based in Ukraine. Click the icon below to view more of her work.

Abhishikta Dutta
Children's Illustrator

Abhi has the patience of a saint and has become more of a friend than a co-worker. Working with her on PP's children's picture book project 'Mongal Stole Pongal' was an amazing experience and we cant thank her enough for her generosity with her artwork. She had to collaborate with us on a very short timeline and yet made it work incredibly with her hand-painted art. The common compliment from everyone who's read the tale is how much they love Mongal and we cant thank Abhi enough for bringing him to life! We really look forward to collaborating with her again! Abhi is based in India. Click on the icon below to view more of her work.

Navya Raju
Illustrator cum Visual Storyteller

Navya is an Architect with a passion for storytelling and illustration - and we're soooo glad about the latter! Her whimsical art style whisks you away into a magical fairytale land, which Tamil really needs! EliPuli was very excited to work with Nayva on a special Diwali iSpy worksheet. Why do people have to have all the fun? Murukku and pataasu can also be enjoyed by our forest friends! Your little ones will have so much fun exploring the visuals on this illustration and coming up with stories about what the furry beings did on Deepavali! Don't worry, this is just the start. We hope to soon spin a true Tamil fairytale brought to life with Navya's artistic wonder #2020GOALS! Navya is based in India. Click on the icon below to view more of her work.

Fahreen Haque
Motion Graphics Designer

The EliPuli logo is the brain child of our longtime friend and talented motion graphics designer, Fahreen. It was a tall order, but she spent countless days perfecting the now iconic visual that everyone's come to love and appreciate for its simplicity and fun. Fahreen's design experience ranges across an exciting array of projects and her latest venture 'Mandala Madness' has us especially in knots! Check out more of her work and her online store by clicking the icons below. Fahreen is based in Melbourne.

StoryWeaver by Pratham Books
Open Content Platform

Pratham Books is a publisher based in India. Their trailblazing platform, StoryWeaver, is designed to provide children with thousands of richly illustrated, open-licensed children's stories in mother tongue languages. All their content falls under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY-4.0) and this has created a wonderful opportunity for multiple creators to come forward and rehash their content into new mediums. We are truly grateful for this platform, as it has given us access to the high quality work of extremely talented and passionate illustrators from across the world. We hope to continue collaborating with the platform's content to put out new bilingual resources here on Eli Puli. A big thank you to Pratham Books for making this possible! Do check them out via the links below.

Gayathiri Ilango

Educator, writer, film critic and Tamil enthusiast, Gayathiri is a multi-talented creative with a strong voice and a keen sense of comedy. She has been a crucial source of encouragement from the very beginning for EliPuli's endeavors and has been generous with her feedback on how we can work towards making our stories progressive. Her feedback has helped us be more thoughtful (and brave) about addressing topics of gender equality, minority representation and staying clear of stereotypes to cultivate a new generation of contemporary Tamil literature for children. You can follow Gayathiri's thought-provoking work by clicking on the icons below. Gayathiri is based in Singapore.

Vinitha Jayaram

Educator and arts manager, Vinitha has been indispensable in EliPuli's journey. She has lent a constant thoughtful ear towards all our new ideas and is a patient voice of reason who helps us to pace our excitement and projects. Reading and re-reading our works-in-progress, we are ever grateful for the time she lends us in bringing our revisions closer to the finish line. Vinitha is based in Singapore.

Narin Dhillon

A passionate educator with an unmatched love for literature, we can always rely on Narin to provide us with feedback that is critical, thorough yet kind and encouraging. She joins the ranks of EliPuli's strongest cheerleaders and keeps us focused on moving ahead even when things get tough. We never hesitate to reach out to Narin when we need an opinion and she's never failed to deliver. We are ever grateful for her friendship and hope to continue making her proud with our efforts. Narin is based in Ireland.