EliPuli | The Big, Bad Kurattai
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Cheeky Raju gobbles every last dumpling in the bowl. He then leaves behind an odd mystery to solve for his younger sister, Pinju, who promptly mixes up the words kurattai (snore) and kuzhakattai (dumpling). Thrown into this jumble is a rebel grandfather and an exasperated mother.


A family comedy inspired by the text of a Tamil nursery rhyme, join Pinju as she cracks down on the case of an errant dumpling all while dealing with the dynamics of her wacky family!


This story was authored by Abhi Krish & illustrated by Anastasiya Ivanova (click for bio) in celebration of Singapore’s Tamil Language Festival 2019. The aim was to share the joy of Tamil nursery rhymes with everyone, regardless of their tongue, through this cheeky, relatable story.

The Big, Bad Kurattai or ஒரு பெரிய, பயங்கர குறட்டை! is the third children’s book publishing effort by Nool Monsters. We hope our story reaches as many children as possible and gives them a laughing good time! We also hope grownups will appreciate this story for its silent narrative on how old age doesn’t have to be a drag – it can in fact be a time for fun, adventure and mischief too!

In order to make this possible, we’ve released the story for free under a Creative Commons license. This allows you to share the e-book in whatever format is most accessible to your target audience. You are also welcome to rehash the content for your teaching and outreach needs, we only ask that you credit the original content. In fact, if you’d like more supporting material for this story, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

The e-book is available in English and Tamil on StoryWeaver for reading online or downloading as a PDF.

We’re always looking to do better. If you have some thoughts or feedback on how the story could be better, please do write to us at noolmonsters@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!